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Sigma Coatings

About Sigma Coatings

Safety, Health Environmental & Quality

Safety, Health and Environmental & Quality
Sigma Coatings (Pty) Limited recognizes the important role of all employees in its safety, occupational health and environmental programmes and our aim is to develop and maintain a high standard of care and to continually improve our performance.

Sigma Coatings (Pty) Limited attaches the greatest importance to the safety of its employees. It is the duty of managers and supervisors to do everything that is required to prevent injury to personnel and it is equally the personal responsibility of each employee to do everything necessary to avoid injury to themselves and others. Such actions will be effected through appropriate training and adherence to procedures and standing instructions.

Occupational Health (SHEQ)
It is the policy of SIGMA COATINGS (PTY) LIMITED to protect all employees from conditions which could constitute occupational health hazards. This policy will continue to be implemented through the identification of health hazards and by the provision of training, of proper monitoring and safeguards together with medical surveillance in accordance with relevant standards. It is the employee's responsibility to adhere to specified practices and precautions when exposed to health hazards.

SIGMA COATINGS (PTY) LIMITED is committed to protecting the environment through complying with laid down laws and best practices. SIGMA COATINGS (PTY) LIMITED will conduct its operations with consideration for the community and the environment and will continue in its efforts towards preservation of the environment. Standards for environmental protection will be at least as stringent as applicable legislation, will make provision for furture developments in this field and will aim to reduce to a minimum any adverse effects of Sigma's operations on the environment. Sigma will ensure that all its sites have adequate procedures, resources and facilities supported by employee training to meet such standards. SIGMA COATINGS (PTY) LIMITED will promote a culture throughout the Company in which all employees, customers, suppliers and contractors share these commitments.

Sigma Coatings is part of the PPG Industries group and therefore acts in accordance with the PPG SHEQ charter, signed by PPG's CEO.


Sigma Coatings has an international reputation for product reliability and, by using the same components, formulations and production methods, identical international standards are guaranteed in South Africa. In addition, all locally manufactured products are produced in ISO 9001-2000 accredited facilities.